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Artist Need Social Media Like Twitter

Art - Twitter #1Artists Need Social Media Like Twitter to drive traffic to their website or blog. Every business need only two things to survive this competitive niche. They need TRAFFIC and CONVERSIONS. Period!

Today, social media is the cornerstone of your art career. It’s what lets you stay in touch with your fans and easily notify them with exciting news. With all the social media guides out there, you’d think no one remembers one Art - Musicians #1of the key behavioral aspects to being human – socializing. I know, it’s hard to find a balance between social and promotional – after all, you still need to sell your art.

There are so many Social Media sites and places to connect online that it can be daunting to decide where you want to spend your time. Do you link-up on LinkedIn, share stuff you Digg, make friends on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter, swirl, poke, prod, nudge… it’s enough to make an artist take cover under their easel! So how do I get traffic utilizing the social media such as Twitter you might be asking?

So what is Twitter?

TweetsBot Image Advertise #7Twitter is a fast-moving, ever-flowing social media platform where people are answering the question, “What are you doing?” in 140 characters or less. You get very good at dropping vowels and abbreviating!

What can you do on Twitter to help your art or music business?

You can connect with other artists or people in your field. Twitter is a great forum for networking, discovering and being found by others interested in the things you are interested in. Twitter can become a support system so you don’t feel so isolated if you, like many artists, work from home or alone in a studio.

If you sell your own music or gigs, art in galleries, online, on Etsy, Zazzle or any other way on the web, you can connect with potential buyers and fans. One great way to do that is to decide on key words people would tweet if they might be interested in your art. For example, if you do paintings of wine, you might watch who is tweeting about a trip to Napa Valley, wine tasting or other words that indicate they like wine. Then talk to them.

In conclusion, Twitter isn’t just about what people had for breakfast. (That’s what people who don’t like the format like to say!) Twitter isn’t for everyone but it can be a very valuable asset to artists if used authentically and with some focus in mind.

Learn more about building your creative art or music business. Full time artist Lloyd Dobson a local Siesta Key – Sarasota artist has a wealth of information for artists to learn and grow their art, craft or any other business at this marketing training website:



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Lakewood Ranch Farmers Market Review

Art_-_Lakewood_Ranch_Farmers_Market_#4Lakewood Ranch Farmers Market Review. The market had a fantastic turnout of people on it’s return after nearly three years. People from the area and close around have endorsed the return with enthusiasm and excitement.

The market offers a wide variety of vendors with fresh farm produce, organic products, arts & crafts which includes local Siesta Key-Sarasota artist Lloyd Dobson,

Beach Paradise #19814   BUY   $225 16x20 - Free Shipping (USA) Only

Beach Paradise
#19814 BUY $225
16×20 – Free Shipping (USA) Only

spices & sauces and beverages and snacks to name a few of what you will see and enjoy as well as some live music.

Jen McCafferty is the owner of Jen’s MarketPlace and organizer of the Lakewood Ranch Farmers Market, Apollo Beach Farmers Market and The Largo Central Park Farmers Market. The Lakewood Ranch Main Street farmer’s market will be held on the 4th Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Art_-_Lakewood_Ranch_Farmers_Market_SignThe Lakewood Ranch is one of Southwest Florida’s most famous stretch of master-planned suburbia and covers the southeastern corner of Manatee County. Activity is everywhere and uniquely different from most communities. The Ranch does have a downtown entertainment district, which in this case lines and surrounds the aptly named Lakewood Main Street.

It’s where you will find these 20+ businesses offering everything from food and drink to surfboards and Hollywood films. On the first Friday night of every month you can come out and enjoy live music, dancing and much Art - Lakewood Ranch - Friday Nightmore on main street. Visitors to the pet friendly farmer’s market can also enjoy a bite to eat at picnic tables under umbrellas near the vendors, listen to guitar music from a local musician, and meet and mingle with the community.

Some of the local merchants lining up along the main street are American Shore Trading Company, Ana Molinari, Arts A Blaze Studio, Big Olaf Creamery, Ed’s Tavern, EL Lago Ranchero, Fannie May, Fast N Fresh, The Fish Hole, Hana Sushi Lounge, Lakewood Ranch Cinemas, MacAllisters Grill and Tavern, Main Street Bazaar, Main Street Trattoria, Paris Bistrot, Pastries By Design, Pinchers Crab Shack, Polo Grill and Bar, Station 400 and Vanessa Fine Jewelry. Hope I didn’t leave anyone out.

ART - Siesta_Key_Farmers_Market_-_Facebook_Page_BlueWave_Art

So come visit us at the Lakewood Ranch Farmers Market the last Saturday of the month from 10:00am to 2pm. We’ll see you there.