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How Do I Increase My Artist Website Online Traffic

Increase Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic

How Do I Increase My Artist Website Online Traffic? Technology has rapidly grown and as artist we must take advantage of this media to grow our art business. Knowing how to market is the key to any business including art. With access to the computer we can develop an Internet address and with some additional training can dominate the digital real estate.

Every business need only two things. They need traffic and conversions. Period! What better way to drive targeted traffic to your art than the Internet. Many artist who maintain a website do not take advantage of the Internet’s capability.

They simply put their art online and do little more than wait and see what happens. The whole point of having a website is to use it to spread the word about your art and to broaden your audience, right? The main reason why you’re online in the first place is to show your work to as many people as possible. The good news is that any artist can actively increase the reach of their website.

One of the greatest advantages of the Internet, and one that artists consistently overlook, is that complete strangers can land on your website or discover you and your art entirely by chance or accident. Most artists tell me that people find their websites not by chance or accident, but rather by searching artist names directly on search engines, once again demonstrating that artist website audiences consist mainly of people who’ve already heard or read or know about them, rather than as a result of incidental encounters.

Here are a few tips to market your art and remember exposure is extremely important. Getting in front of the potential customer is one of the keys to success.

1) Integrate Your Artist Website With Your Art Career Strategy: Don’t underestimate the importance of physical shows in your local community. Be sure to regularly update your website with the same information – upcoming shows, latest work, etc and include links in your emails so that people can click through to the pages which tell them about the new work or events.

2) Optimize Your Website For Search Engines: Search Engines, like Google and Bing can help a lot to bring new potential buyers to your artist website. This is especially true if you sell lower cost small artworks or reproductions in the $50 – $200 range which can attract gift and tourist-market buyers.

3) Use Social Networking To Increase Visits: There are a myriad of social networking sites online today. In our experience focus first on building a presence on Facebook. Lloyd_Dobson_Artist_-_Facebook_Fan_PageSetup a Facebook page for your art business – this needs to be in addition to your personal Facebook page. Post your latest artworks and updates there regularly. Invite others to visit your website.

4) Join Free Or Low Cost Online Galleries: Your own artist website should always be the place where you bring people to see your work. This is because it is here that you have the most control over the presentation and information flow.

That said, online galleries can be a great way to get your flag out in places that people can find you. The most important point is to ALWAYS include links back to your own artist website so that visitors have the option to visit your artist website.

5) Personal Networking: This is the most powerful way to do anything but it’s also the one many of us seem to avoid the most. Make a point of talking with 5 new people each time and “be the artist”. Share your business card (which must have your website URL on it). Nurture the relationships and friendships that develop with artists and arts professionals.

One final point:

6) Consistency Is King

It is much better to do a little consistently every week that to do a handful of mad-dash all-inclusive efforts each year. Rome wasn’t built in a day – it was build brick by brick. So it is with your art career!

If you would like some additional marketing information, tools and strategies to grow your art website online business, visit the following website now:

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Want To Save On Your Art Supplies

The Secrets To Surviving As An Artist

Original Paintings For Sale

Original Paintings For Sale

The Secrets To Surviving As An Artist. This article started with me being ask consistently at my art show events, “How do I survive as an artist?” . Well first let me share a very fundamental for succeeding in any business. It does not matter if you have a clothing boutique, restaurant or art business there are only two things ANY business needs to survive. They need TRAFFIC and CONVERSIONS (Buyers). PERIOD!

Without both of those ingredients failure is on the near horizon. All the major aspects of what being an artist in this day and age is about, and to combine them into one unified approach is what I want to share with you. Knowing how to market your art is critical. The equation for success is KNOWLEDGE + ACTION + A POSITIVE ATTITUDE = SUCCESS!

Now of course your art comes first, we all know that, but this is not about what to make or how to make it; that’s your business and yours alone. And your creative process– the magic that happens in the studio– that’s all you as well, and no one else. As I’m fond of saying, “What happens in the

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studio stays in the studio.” This is about what to do after you make your art, once it’s completed and ready to be presented to the public, in front the vast and fabulous art world and all those who populate it.

As an artist it is all about keeping people in the game, about making sure they understand what you’re up to at every step along the way– from first contact with your art ART - Siesta_Key_Farmers_Market_-_Facebook_Page_BlueWave_Artright on through to final purchase. The key is to make yourself accessible, available, and to welcome everyone to your art no matter what the circumstances. You want to make sure that everybody understands what you’re doing, what your purpose is and what you’re trying to communicate through your work. Doing that job well will definitely increase your chances of success.

You can’t simply put your art out there, and then with little or no effort on your part, expect people to somehow get up to speed entirely on their own about its significance, figure out how to contact you, what to ask or what to say or how to say it, how to find out prices, and basically advance all the way to buying something without any assistance on your part.

Here are some big questions that you really have to think about anytime you present your art to the public– online, in person, at galleries, at art events or anywhere else. What’s it going to do for us? What makes it worth owning? Why should we hang it in our homes or offices and look at it everyday? How is it going to make our lives better?

These are not questions that people will come right out and ask you, but they are the kinds of questions that really matter when they like what they see and start thinking seriously about whether your art belongs in their lives. The more your answers resonate with them and the longer a positive interaction ensues, the greater the chances that you’re going to gain a fan, make a sale or accomplish something else good.

A couple of questions you want to answer during the course of any such interaction with your potential buyer, either explicitly or implicitly, are why you have chosen to become an artist and make art such a significant part of your life, but even more importantly why have you chosen to show your art in public, what the purpose of going public with your art is. What you have to say about your art– the story, the narrative, the mystery or romance of it all– this information is often as significant as the art itself, especially with contemporary art and contemporary artists.

Where do you market your art? How do you get the word out? This is your next responsibility. Now seeing as we live in the Internet age, there’s no better way to get that word out to the maximum number of people, like to everyone on the face of the planet, than to do it online, and the best place to do it is on your website.

The content and layout of your website are extremely important. It should be a place where anyone can go to see the best, most organized, most current, easiest to understand, easiest to navigate selection of your artwork anywhere.

In this age of instant gratification, people who visit your website typically have two basic questions: “Where am I and why am I here?” And they want to know now– like within about 30 seconds or a minute of landing on your home page. People have exceptionally short online attention spans these days, and if they can’t figure where they are fast, they’re usually gone in a flash.

Being a successful artist is not only about showing and selling and getting known; it’s about understanding your purpose, your calling, and about presenting yourself and your work with unwavering confidence and conviction about who you are and what your art stands for.

Subject matters and techniques, to continually evolve and advance in your practice, and to reach out to others in ever more creative ways— that is what it means to not only survive, but also to thrive and prosper as an artist. Impact someones life with your art in a meaningful way and not only might you make yourself a sale, but you will also endow the world with just a little tiny bit more good.