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Artwork On Cell Phone Cases

Broken Fence On Beach Cell Phone Case

Broken Fence On Beach
Cell Phone Case

Artwork On Cell Phone Cases. With the innovations from the cell phone industry today, mobile phones no longer bear the same old functions that they were previously designed for.

Today, cell phones are more than just mere communication devices. They are now considered as trendsetters. Thanks to the creation of cell phone accessories like the cell phone cases. With these ornaments, creating a personalized fashion statement is no longer a problem.

Cell phone cases have definitely gone a long way since they were first created to provide protective holders or casings for mobile phones. With their miniature look, cell phones were previously deemed necessary to be locked up in secured place like cell phone cases.

Living The Dream With My Wife Cell Phone Case   BUY

Living The Dream With My Wife
Cell Phone Case BUY

However, with the growing trend in cell phone accessories, the use of these phone cases had transformed into a solid status symbols.

Why not a Lloyd Dobson Artist cell phone case?

In today’s market, branded cell phone cases are already being promoted globally. Hence, the enjoyment and satisfaction that cell phones bring were not limited to the mobile phone itself. The remarkable impact of cell phones had been extended on their accessories as well.

1) Personalize it

Colors of Siesta Key Cell Phone Case

Colors of Siesta Key
Cell Phone Case

If you think that personalizing your phone is limited to wallpapers, ringtones, or screensavers, you can be wrong. With the advent of cell phone cases, personalization has been utilized even on the outer embellishments.

For instance, you can personalize your cell phone case by having one of artist Lloyd Dobson’s paintings placed on your cell phone cover.

From sun up to sun down, you can flash your phone with pride through highly fashionable and personalized cell phone cases.

2) Protection

The primary function of cell phone cases is to protect the device from any scratches and possible dent brought about by frequent handling.

With cell phone cases, you can modishly protect your phone without having to go out of style. Be impressive and

Catamaran On Siesta Key Cell Phone Case   BUY

Catamaran On Siesta Key
Cell Phone Case BUY

take over the limelight. Protect your phone in style with cell phone cases.

3) Convenience

Having a cell phone in hand while on travel can be pretty hard and dangerous. What’s even worse is that you may not even be comfortable holding your cell phone bare and simple just like that.

Thankfully, cell phone cases can give you the convenience of holding your phone without worrying about damaging it or misplacing it in some place. With these accessories, you can conveniently hold your phone anytime, anywhere.

You can find out more about Lloyd Dobson Artist and his original oil paintings as an image on your cell phone case by visiting:


Siesta Key Farmers Market

a-siesta-key-signSiesta Key Farmers Market is a Sunday morning tradition since 2008, the Siesta Key Farmers Market offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, Jamaican prepared foods and pastries, hot breakfast, organic green tea, local plants, Italian olive oils, artisan breads, organic skin care products, clothing, jewelry, photography, pottery, tropical paradise affordable oil paintings by artist  Lloyd Dobson, and even live music. It is certainly a hidden gem on this island paradise.

The Siesta Farmers Market is family-friendly, and leashed dogs are welcome. Plenty of parking in the Village, since it’s Sunday morning! The market hours are from 8:00am to 2:00pm every Sunday morning and located in the 5100 block of Ocean Blvd.

Many of the market’s vendors offer vital information about local resources and create awareness in natural health and the environment. We hope you enjoy the Market on Sunday mornings throughout the year.

Siesta Key Farmers Market - Lloyd Dobson Artist

Siesta Key Farmers Market – Lloyd Dobson Artist

1)  Artisans:
Featuring local Siesta Key/Sarasota artist Lloyd Dobson and his tropical paradise affordable oil paintings, who has sold hundreds of paintings throughout the US, Canada, the UK and Switzerland and by the way he ships free to the lower US 48 and Canada.

2)  Produce:
Yum Yum Tree fresh fruits and veggies. Their WEBSITE

Plants & Flowers by Jason Mellica

Plants & Flowers by Jason Mellica

3)  Plants & Flowers:
Advanced Bromeliad Culture specializes in Bromeliad hybridization and culture. Over 100 varieties: Guzmanias, Vrieseas, Neos, Cryptanthus, Aechmeas, and Tillandsias and more.

4)  Prepared Foods:
“Our authentic recipe has been handed down from generation to generation to share with you the unique personal history of the island!”

5)  Photography:
Mike Beck one of the artists who displays his photography is especially important to check out as he captures the best of the Siesta Key beaches.  

As mentioned above the Farmers Market offers delicious spring greens, herbs and a variety of produce. Shoppers can also find a vast assortment of local, organic products and a Taste Of The Village with area restaurants serving farm fresh items from their menus.

Once in you are in the Village and the surrounding area, you’ll find an assortment of restaurants and boutiques and many things to do such as:

Explore and have fun paddling the peaceful, beautiful waters on Siesta  Key. Our favorite!!

Siesta Key Public Beach will be the starting point for your aerial adventure, culminating in an unbelievable view from up to high above the  tranquil waters of Siesta Key. Experience a couple minutes of pure blissful silence.

Full & half day Boat Rentals. Boat rental near the South bridge of Siesta Key.

check out free classes:

You can actually bike ride Crescent Beach up to the tip top of Siesta Beach. It’s a great workout and very fun.

Sit-on-top ocean kayaks give you hours of fun of Kayak rentals. There are many kayak tours available.



Tour every inch of the Island on a motor scooter  or a scooter car


Watch the Ospreys and other wonderful wild  birds.

Point of Rocks offers snorkeling on Florida’s West  Coast.


Siesta Public Beach offers tennis, playgrounds and a picnic area. Attend events on the beach, including Siesta Fiesta, volleyball tournaments, craft shows, festivals, concerts and art exhibits. Siesta Key’s annual events include Safe Treats

Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach

Halloween, Sand Fest, and the Siesta Key Crystal Classic professional sand sculpture contest in the fall. Light Up the Village starts the holiday season, and the Amateur Sand Sculpture Contest is in May.

What are you doing this Sunday morning??? Come visit us 8am to 2pm Freshness waiting, lots of new vendors, music, Lloyd Dobson Artist tropical paradise oil paintings and in the Village great restaurants. Siesta Key Beach was voted by Tripadvisor to be #1 USA.

A Milwaukee vacationer’s testimonial
“Loved the variety of handmade goods, pottery, organic products, unique natural soaps, produce, art, food and more at this Sunday market ! Found some unique gifts….they even had live music”


Cruise Ship Beach Bags

Cruise Ship Beach Bags answer is The Kyss Bag. It is the Unique, One-of-a-Kind bag that offers what no ordinary bag does… Peace of Mind! 
Go for a bag that’s roomy — and functional enough to double as your airplane carry-on. With plenty of pockets on the inside and out, this one’s a fine example and again “Peace of Mind!.

KYSS_BAG_Image_#21_At_The_BeachWith its Patent-Pending built-in Safe-Tote™ locking system, whenever you need to leave your bag unattended, you can lock it closed and anchor it to one or more other objects in one easy and discreet motion. And, when not in use,
the system is hidden virtually out of sight!


However, with its High-Quality construction, Gorgeous ColorsKYSS_BAG_Image_#17_On_Arm to choose from, and Attention to Detail, even if you’re not using the Safe-Tote™ locking feature, you still have a Beautiful Bag!

The Kyss Bag gives you what money can’t buy … Peace of Mind … while it protects what your money did buy…your valuables, such as your cell phone, digital camera, iPod, Kindle, car keys, cash, college text books, etc. All of those things that are difficult and expensive to replace!

Anchor & Lock Your Kyss Bag:

* To One or More Beach Chairs and a Cooler Handle at the Beach

* To your Lounge Chair by the Pool

* To a Table at the Library

* To your Desk at Work

* At the Gym or During Dance Class

* Any Time You Need to Leave Your Valuables Unattended!

KYSS_BAG_#26_Securing_Your_Bag_Step_1,_2,_3_To Use:

1) Remove the lock from its storage pocket and pull the security chain from the bag.
2) Wrap the chain through or around one or more anchoring objects.
2) Secure the lock through the double zipper sliders to KEEP YOUR STUFF SAFE!!

To Put Away:

1) Lower the lock from above the chain passage.
2) The Patent-Pending Safe ToteTM security system allows gravity to pull the chain back into the bag.
3) Return the lock to its storage pocket.
4) Be on your way!

What People Are Saying About The Kyss Bag

Voted “Most Yakable” –

“I love my Kyss bag and I love the
security system. I don’t worry about my
things any more!”
Sarah J. Miami Beach, FL

“Great bag! Perfect for the beach. Thanks!”
Ellen K. Galveston, TX

“Very nice bag. Just as advertised. Love it!”
Barb M. Montgomery, AL

“Great idea! We’re getting one for both of our daughters in college.”
Kevin G. Cincinnati, OH


Why Use Cell Phone Cases and Covers?

Broken Fence On Beach Cell Phone Case

Broken Fence On Beach
Cell Phone Case


Why Use Cell Phone Cases and Covers?
A cell phone case and cover is used to cover or envelope your phone in order to preclude probable damage. With it you can be assured that your cell phones will look as good as new for the longest time. Why not one of Lloyd Dobson ‘s oil paintings as a cell phone case? As cell phones become smaller and more advanced, you may ask yourself about the benefits of using a cell phone case. Although cell phone technology has advanced rapidly, there is still no such thing as an indestructible device. Cases are necessary to protect

Colors On The Gulf Cell Phone Case

Colors On The Gulf
Cell Phone Case

your expensive phone from the rigors of the environment. 

1) The kinds of phones that need protection:

Cell phones come in a variety of styles, and cell phone users have a variety of tasks to put to their phones. Some use cell phones for keeping in touch with the office or loved ones, while others use their phones as a quasi-mobile office, preparing documents and presentations on the go. No matter the type of phone or how it is used, if it is an important lifeline for you to keep safe, you need to protect it from damage.

2) The benefits of using a cell phone case:

Colors of Siesta Key Cell Phone Case

Colors of Siesta Key
Cell Phone Case

The main benefit for using a cell phone case is that it protects your phone from damaging drops, spills and even water damage. Having a layer of plastic, metal or leather surrounding your phone can mean the difference between a cracked screen and a usable phone, and with the cost of replacement phones these days, cases are relatively inexpensive. Cell phone cases are wearable, keeping you in easy reach of your phone and the important calls you receive.

Cell phone cases are a relatively inexpensive investment to protect your important lifeline between family and work. Cracked screens, inoperable phones and water damage are all

risks cell phone users face, but a cell phone case can greatly reduce any risk of damaging your phone’s expensive technology.

Siesta Key At Sunset Cell Phone Case

Siesta Key At Sunset
Cell Phone Case

3) Instant overhaul:

If you’re sick and tired of your same old boring device, maybe it’s about time to embellish it. Or say, it’s already scratched and faded. You can easily restore its value and give it a facelift by covering it with a new stylish case. And in no time, your dull mobile phone is once again in pristine condition.

Your cell phone case and cover could be one of Lloyd Dobson Artist’s reproduction of his oil paintings making it colorful and a conversation piece for that added protection of your cell phone. Go here for more information

In Paradise Cell Phone Case

In Paradise
Cell Phone Case