Siesta Key Farmers Market - Lloyd Dobson Artist

Art For Sale On Siesta Key Review

Siesta Key Farmers Market - Lloyd Dobson Artist

Siesta Key Farmers Market – Lloyd Dobson Artist

Art For Sale On Siesta Key Review
 does not yield much information when typed into a search engines. Especially concerning local artist. This is what someone pointed out to me recently. When they searched for a particular local artist, nothing came up. Through the Siesta Key BlueWave website, I am committed to inform you about the Key’s artistic events.

This is my uncensored review on the subject and it is my intent to share the availability of Siesta Key art for sale. Before we review two local artist, let me share with you that art is not totally absent on the Key. There are two large fair events with traveling artist displaying their artwork, however finding local artist like the Siesta Key BlueWave artist Vanessa and Lloyd in the group tends to be lacking in the large venues.

The two annual art and craft fair events are held in February and again the end of April. There are over 250+ artist who line up on Ocean Boulevard with their professional display booths. They display their unique and affordable crafts throughout Siesta Key Village.

All artists and craft people were present for the duration of both shows, available to discuss their work and inspiration. The event appeals to people of all ages including serious art buyers looking to add to their collections. With a wide variety of art mediums on display and prices ranging from $25 hand-designed earrings to $30,000 metal sculptures, there was something for everyone.

In addition to the couple of events through the year You can visit the Siesta Key Farmers Market every Sunday from 8:00am to 2:00pm. There you will find representation of local

Art For Sale On Siesta Key Review

Art For Sale On Siesta Key Review

crafts as well as fine artist Lloyd Dobson and Vanessa Simonard. Siesta Key art for sale now becomes available for those seeking local artist.

Early 2014 Lloyd and Vanessa, neighbors near Siesta Key, decided to put their skills at work to the common effort of promoting Siesta Key’s cultural spirit as well as its natural habitat. Their vision is to make it very easy for everybody to find out what’s going on the Key.  Siesta Key BlueWave seeks to create a stronger sense of community for those who cherish this island and all that she offers.

Art For Sale On Siesta Key by Vanessa and Lloyd is inspired by the beauty of Siesta Key and through their sales donate to the environmental charity organizations to help maintain the beauty and preservation of this island paradise.

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