Art_-_#128915_-_My_Carnival_Cruise_-_16x20Lloyd Dobson specializes in revacation your favorite cruise or vacation memories. Whether gracing a conference room, main saloon, office, lobby or proudly displayed at home, The Lloyd Dobson oil painting provides an extraordinary remembrance of those beautiful memories for you, business associates and family members to enjoy for generations to come.

The artist’s work is regularly showcased at the Siesta Key Farmers Market every Sunday on the beautiful tropical paradise island of Siesta Key in the Sarasota, Florida area. Lloyd Dobson’s art is enjoyed by hundreds of his collectors throughout the USA, Canada and the UK.

** Getting started:

Contact Lloyd directly and describe the project in which you’ve been thinking about. After gaining an understanding of the scope of your thoughts and some concepts for possible project execution, the first order of business is acquiring reference photography of the subject. In cases where acceptable, high-resolution photography exists, planning for the oil painting can begin without delay. Otherwise, arrangements will be made to obtain current reference photography.

Following review of all photographic images and thorough discussion regarding concept and execution – project completion, on average, can be expected within three to four weeks. This would not include unforeseen delay caused by special circumstances or shipping. Dimensions of the painting varies depending upon your requirements.

** Pricing:

Pricing varies based on subject, logistics for reference photography, format style and individual objectives. Estimates are provided without obligation.

As a general rule, a 16″x20″ would be priced at $300. A 24″x30″ would be priced at $400. A 24″x36″ would be priced at $500. A 24″x48″ would be priced at $600. A 32″x44″ priced at $800. Final costs will be reviewed before work on the project begins. Typically a $50 deposit will be required at start of painting.

You will be emailed a photo several times through the process of your commissioned painting allowing you to monitor the progress through completion.

Examples of some of the commissioned pieces:

"Our Siesta Key Vacation"

“Our Siesta Key Vacation”

"Siesta Key Catamarans"

“Siesta Key Catamarans”

"Living The Dream"

“Living The Dream”

"Tropical Paradise"

“Tropical Paradise”

"Our Paradise Retreat"

“Our Paradise Retreat”

"Me, You, Us"

“Me, You, Us”



"Desi Playing Reggae On Siesta Key"

“Desi Playing Reggae On Siesta Key”

"Baloo & Honey"

“Baloo & Honey”

"Sunset On Siesta Key"

“Sunset On Siesta Key”

"Tarpon Fishing At Sunshine Skyway Bridge"

“Tarpon Fishing At Sunshine Skyway Bridge”

"Yeah a 39" Snook"

“Yeah a 39″ Snook”

"Stan The Man"

“Stan The Man”

Let's Watch The Moon Light"

Let’s Watch The Moon Light”

"Lake Missaukee Michigan"

“Lake Missaukee Michigan”

"Bob Marley Sings Jammin"

“Bob Marley Sings Jammin”


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