Cruise Ship Beach Bags

Cruise Ship Beach Bags answer is The Kyss Bag. It is the Unique, One-of-a-Kind bag that offers what no ordinary bag does… Peace of Mind! 
Go for a bag that’s roomy — and functional enough to double as your airplane carry-on. With plenty of pockets on the inside and out, this one’s a fine example and again “Peace of Mind!.

KYSS_BAG_Image_#21_At_The_BeachWith its Patent-Pending built-in Safe-Tote™ locking system, whenever you need to leave your bag unattended, you can lock it closed and anchor it to one or more other objects in one easy and discreet motion. And, when not in use,
the system is hidden virtually out of sight!


However, with its High-Quality construction, Gorgeous ColorsKYSS_BAG_Image_#17_On_Arm to choose from, and Attention to Detail, even if you’re not using the Safe-Tote™ locking feature, you still have a Beautiful Bag!

The Kyss Bag gives you what money can’t buy … Peace of Mind … while it protects what your money did buy…your valuables, such as your cell phone, digital camera, iPod, Kindle, car keys, cash, college text books, etc. All of those things that are difficult and expensive to replace!

Anchor & Lock Your Kyss Bag:

* To One or More Beach Chairs and a Cooler Handle at the Beach

* To your Lounge Chair by the Pool

* To a Table at the Library

* To your Desk at Work

* At the Gym or During Dance Class

* Any Time You Need to Leave Your Valuables Unattended!

KYSS_BAG_#26_Securing_Your_Bag_Step_1,_2,_3_To Use:

1) Remove the lock from its storage pocket and pull the security chain from the bag.
2) Wrap the chain through or around one or more anchoring objects.
2) Secure the lock through the double zipper sliders to KEEP YOUR STUFF SAFE!!

To Put Away:

1) Lower the lock from above the chain passage.
2) The Patent-Pending Safe ToteTM security system allows gravity to pull the chain back into the bag.
3) Return the lock to its storage pocket.
4) Be on your way!

What People Are Saying About The Kyss Bag

Voted “Most Yakable” –

“I love my Kyss bag and I love the
security system. I don’t worry about my
things any more!”
Sarah J. Miami Beach, FL

“Great bag! Perfect for the beach. Thanks!”
Ellen K. Galveston, TX

“Very nice bag. Just as advertised. Love it!”
Barb M. Montgomery, AL

“Great idea! We’re getting one for both of our daughters in college.”
Kevin G. Cincinnati, OH


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