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Maureen & Paul Gresk
Siesta Key, Florida
#19214  - $225

How To Buy Affordable Art Direct From Artist

Art_-_Tessa_&_Tiffany_At_The_Siesta_Key_Farmers_Market_-_08-03-2014_How to buy affordable art direct from artist is the best way to invest and save money. Owning an original piece of art is definitely affordable, if you know where to look. So many people wish they could buy a one of a kind, but assume it is far out of their price range. This is not the case if you familiarize yourself with the local art community in your area. Often, for a fraction of the cost of the works by more well known artists, you can purchase unique originals by locals. Not only do you acquire a beautiful piece of art, but support your home community as well.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some suggestions:

1) Siesta Key Farmers Market operates every Sunday from 8:00am to 2:00pm. Here you will find Paris born Vanessa Simonard and Lloyd Dobson local Siesta Key – Sarasota artist

Art For Sale On Siesta Key Review

Art For Sale On Siesta Key

with their original artwork ready for you to decorate your walls.

2) You can go online to purchase their work as well at the following websites:   (Click on Fine Art Gallery tab)   (Click on Art / Products tab)

3) Local Art Galleries, Custom Frame Shops, College Art Departments, Restaurants & Coffee House and Art Guilds.

Abandon Boat 16x20   BUY   $175 - #15714 - Free Shipping US Only by Lloyd Dobson

Abandon Boat
16×20  BUY  $175 – #15714 – Free Shipping US Only
by Lloyd Dobson

These are a just a few outlets to follow when looking for local art, but be creative. Boutiques, libraries and art & craft fairs are all are possible avenues to try. The more you frequent local establishments, the better your chances of discovering unique and affordable art created by someone who might be your neighbor.

Beach Art For Sale

Beach Art For Sale #12614 ” Kayak On The Beach” 24×36 Oil Painting SOLD

Spending money locally shows pride in your community culture and local products. As a person who lives in the area you are more apt to locally recirculate money spent with you on your art in the form of purchases from other local business, thus supporting the local work force. When you give some of that money to local charities, even if it’s just the local boy or girl scout troop, or maybe the local food bank you are keeping money spent with you in movement. It’s a monetary loop that keeps people working to make the goods they and others purchase.

“I’m an artist, not a business person”, you shout. Well, I hate to break this to you, but anyone who wants to sell art is in business. According to Wikipedia, “a business (also known as enterprise or firm) is an organization or person engaged in the trade or sale of goods, services, or both to consumers”.Q.E.D. Business is NOT a dirty word. Businesses allow us as consumers to buy food, clothes, and gas. It allows us to find a place to live (real estate sales and rentals), and most likely it employs a lot of us who are not fortunate enough to be able to make a living selling our art. There is that word “sell” again.

If you are in the Siesta Key – Sarasota Florida area on Sunday, Vanessa and I invite you to stop by our tent and say hello. The Siesta Key Farmers Market is a Sunday morning tradition since 2008 from 8am to 2pm, the Siesta Key Farmers Market offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, fine art by artist Vanessa Simonard and Lloyd Dobson, Jamaican prepared foods and pastries, hot breakfast, organic green tea, local plants, Italian olive oils, artisan breads, organic skin care products, clothing, jewelry, photography, pottery, and live music.


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