Learn How To Get Your Art Sold Online Secrets Revealed

Selling Art Online

Selling Art Online

The business of selling art online has become very competitive. Over the last few years literally hundreds of websites have been developed as paid (or free) on line art galleries. Like any business it does not matter what it is, online or brick and mortar you need only two things: TRAFFIC & CONVERSIONS. Period! Many people now want some affordable art for their home so the accessibility of art has become evident through online art galleries.

So as an artist, how are you going to get any visibility amongst the turbulent situation of art available? It is an ever increasing challenge to get your art to appear in front of a user. below are some tips to help you with getting your art sold:

Step 1 – Choose an art gallery that ranks in Google for your type of art, so for example if you sell “seascape oil paintings”, do a search in Google for both “seascape oil paintings” and also “”seascape oil

Google Page #1 Matters

Google Page #1 Matters

paintings galleries” – you then really only want to focus your effort and possible money if they charge on the sites that appear in the first ten organic results. It is worth also looking at the paid listings although these sites will almost certainly charge a fee. It is not necessary to pay a fee, there should be at least one free gallery on page one in Google that will provide you with decent sales rates – completely free!

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Step 2 – Once you have decided on which online galleries to appear in, make sure you write a title for each piece of work that will get found. If you have done a piece on a rough sea, think about what a potential buyer will search for – the likely hood is there search term will include the style of art the want eg: “sea scenes” Art – Keywords but they will probably be specific and search for “oil paintings, rough seas scene” – so make this your title! do not be tempted to use a name that bears no meaning to the art

Step 3 – Make the description work! it has to be keyword rich about the work, write about the medium, the paint base, the painting itself. the colors used and the framing (or lack of it) – all of this will mean your description is keyword rich and will get more chance of being found. Also – add in some notes about shipping and how you prefer to ship and take payment, the simpler you make it for someone to buy the better. Offer NO obstacles. PayPal is an easy way to take payment

Step 4 – Make the price reasonable. See what other works are going for that feature on the same terms as your work and aim to be in the middle

Step 5 – Ensure you tag the work, if the site allows tags (related search terms) apply the same logic as with the title

Step 6 – Provide an easy way to communicate with a buyer.

That’s it! These tips will help you sell more art. I wish you best of luck.

Here is a list of websites to promote your work on:

1) www.Etsy.com

2) www.RedBubble.com

3) www.Imagekind.com

4) www.OilPaintingsOnline.com

5) www.artistrising.com
6) www.artbreak.com
7) www.craigslist.org
8) www.Backpage.com

9)  www.artistsandillustrators.co.uk
10) www.Cafepress.com
11) www.Zazzle.com
12) www.Deviantart.com
13) www.newslinekarachi.com/art.htm

Set up a payment option with Paypal to offer your works of art from your website or blog.

Most of the websites are free for any artists to promote most types of art work, be it a painting or a sculpture,

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