My Latest Tropical Beach Themed Oil Paintings

"an Island In Paradise" #151217 BUY $350 18"h x 24"w - FREE shipping lower US 48 & Canada

“an Island In Paradise”
#151217  BUY  $350
18″h x 24″w – FREE shipping lower US 48 & Canada

My Latest Tropical Beach Themed Oil Paintings. Born in Kansas City, Missouri and raised in Independence,  Missouri.  I studied art in high school and college where I was blessed to win numerous art awards and ribbons. In Missouri I studied under the late artist Andrew Thoman.

In college was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers and went to the

"Wake Up To The Beach" #150417 BUY $250 16"h x 20"w - FREE shipping lower US 48 & Canada

“Wake Up To The Beach”
#150417  BUY  $250
16″h x 20″w – FREE shipping lower US 48 & Canada

west coast to their rookie training camp. In my second year of playing minor league baseball I injured my ankle and being on crutches resumed my passion for painting  and studied under California artist Bert Carter. I entered many art shows where I continued to win ribbons for my work, as well as selling oil paintings to hundreds of clients throughout the United States, Canada, the UK and Switzerland.

"Sea Gulls On The Gulf" #148617 BUY $250 16"h x 20"w - FREE shipping lower US 48 & Canada

“Sea Gulls On The Gulf”
#148617  BUY $250
16″h x 20″w – FREE shipping lower US 48 & Canada

I was surprised when a friend at college said to me, “I envy you. As an artist you see beauty in everything”. Until then I had not realized that we don’t all see the same thing and that my talent was not just a propensity to create but also a unique way of appreciating what I saw.

It is not just the view, scenery or objects that matter but how, as an artist I am able to perceive and interpret them. I see things that are uplifting and inspiring to me and I capture my vision in my paintings from the subjects I feel a deep connection with.

My paintings shine a spotlight on the beauty of God’s palette that I see and I am always pushing myself to hone and evolve my artistic skills to create art that is fresh, original and a genuine expression of my personal view and connection with my beautiful surroundings.

You can find me and my paintings every Sunday from 8am to 1pm at the Siesta Key Farmers Market in the Village at 5104 Ocean Blvd. Siesta Key, Florida. Come by and say hello. My paintings are shipped FREE to the lower US 48 and Canada.



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