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Artists Need Social Media

Social NetworksArtists Need Social Media for your marketing strategy. If You Don’t Have Time to Devote to Social Media, you’re not going to be good at it. Just like if you don’t have time to exercise, you’re not going to have muscles.

Social media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. But, many artists still are intimidated at the idea of joining in on the Social Media Revolution.

There are many artists out there who still don’t have a website or email! Well if it’s working, more power to them! But for the rest of us artists who are challenged by the economy, it is time for us to ‘think outside the frame’ or studio! Here’s why…

We should be aware of new trends in design, decorating, fashion and technology and how it influences your art and sales.

Social networking websites, Facebook in particular, can be great ways to spread the word about your art. As with any communication model, though, you have to know how to use it in order to get where you want to go. Facebook is no panacea and just because you sign on doesn’t automatically mean your art world profile is destined for success.

You want to keep your finger on the pulse:

In this challenging economy, being a successful artist not only consists of creating great art, but it is also about creating a strong business.

Build Your Brand:

Using Social Media is the quickest way to build brand recognition for you and your art business.

Solid brand identity differentiates you from the pack.Art_-_Inspire_BlueWave_Website_Blog_Training_-_Home_Page_-_Get_Instant_Access

A strong brand is invaluable and serves to communicate credibility to your prospective customers and business associates.

“Americans are eager to deepen their brand relationships through social media,” said Mike Hollywood, director of new media at Cone. “It isn’t an intrusion into their lives, but rather a welcome channel for discussion.”

If you don’t have a website you are invisible. Not just hard to contact, invisible. A website is a must, a blog even better.

Social media is already changing the rules of the marketplace.

Yes, there will be another ‘new thing’ someday. But for the foreseeable future, this is the world ‘Social Media’, so it’s best to learn how to live in it!

…and if you’re still not convinced, WATCH THIS:  SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION (with over 1,200,000 views!)

Americans feel different about a brand that they can interact it with via social media. 56% said yes that they feel a stronger connection with a company they can interact with via social networks and 57% say that they feel better served.

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