Buy Direct From Local Siesta Key – Sarasota Artist

1_-_siesta_key_farmers_market_booth_-_me_pointing Buy Direct From Local Siesta Key – Sarasota Artist off of his website or from the Siesta Key Farmers Market held every Sunday in the Village from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

You want to buy a piece of art for your home or work but think you can’t afford it as art is way too expensive? Save money purchase art online, direct from the artist, at an affordable price to suit your budget than go to this website Plus Lloyd ships FREE to the lower US 48 & Canada.

Lloyd’s paintings are enjoyed by hundreds of collectors throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany,  and Switzerland. For testimonials on his oil paintings visit his website and click the “Testimonial” tab.

It is commonplace to hear people talking about buying art as a art_-_145516_-_beach_access_-_26x34financial commitment, but should this be the true reason we buy art? Big auction houses and bigger galleries encourage this particular kind of thinking because it will help them to sell art to the upper crust of contemporary society. They treat art more like a investment than what it truly is, which is loveliness to be enjoyed by anyone.

The fact of the matter is, there are more artists and works of art than there are spaces on a gallery wall. This means that the galleries have to be very picky about the works they take in, because they are in the business of making money by representing artists whose work will sell quickly.

If you want to buy art and avoid the hassle and outrageous prices of galleries and auction houses, read on! A savings of 50% – 60% awaits you! What you should take away from this article is the simple message that art is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, especially those who own it. If you are buying art as an investment, and you happen to make some money off of it, well done!

However if you do not, make sure to enjoy the art for what it is and ensure that it at least has value because it is beautiful. Browse art online through my virtual gallery and deal with Lloyd Dobson the artist direct on Siesta Key!

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